Get ready for good times and perfect presents! Our Holiday 2020 Gift Guide is going to get you ready for the season of gifting. This time of the year is when we get to show our appreciation and love towards the people we care about. After the rough year that we had, this holiday season becomes that much more meaningful as we learn to appreciate the little things or people that we've taken for granted.

Without further ado, let's get to gifting! We have compiled a list of brands from Malaysia and Singapore that will inspire and make gifting easier.


1. Nom Studio,

Started by two friends with a passion for food photography, Nom Studio offers beautiful and timeless tablewares to match the delectables coming out of the kitchen. Taking inspiration from Japanese and Swedish designs, the wide range of minimalist yet rustic tablewares include dining plates, serving bowls to office mugs. Perfect for the ones who appreciate a nice dining set especially useful for the festive feasts coming up!



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2. The Mineraw, @themineraw

Featured on British Vogue, Mineraw has gotten the recognition it deserves for the premium quality skincare products that they offer at an affordable price. Incorporating their passion for the environment and skincare, they focused on creating a line of skincare that is eco-friendly, easy to use and delivers results. They have a range of serums, facial scrubs and even accessories like a Clear Quartz Gua Sha Stone. All cruelty-free, vegan and natural, perfect for all the skincare fanatics!



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With a mission to encourage a sustainable fitness lifestyle here in Malaysia, the Sweat.Co started out as a platform to share fitness tips. They have grown to create Sweat Bands which are resistance bands that are versatile for both gym AND at home-workouts, to encourage exercising regardless of whether you are able to hit the gym. Made of premium resistance fabric, these bands were made to last and be comfortable to use.



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4. Anotherkynd, @anotherkynd

This fashion-forward brand was birthed out of a passion for design and fashion, providing one of a kind options when it comes to expressing personal style through everyday pieces. They have a wide range of products from tote bags to jewellery boxes and candles. With the diversity and style of their products, you can definitely find the perfect gift for any fashionistas in your life.



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5. KLoé Hotel, @kloehotel

For those in your life who needs a little getaway, Kloé Hotel is a boutique hotel in Kuala Lumpur that offers more than just a tranquil stay. Honouring the city's vibrant culture and creativity, they showcase furniture, ceramics and artwork from the city’s leading designers in a show of support to the local creative scene.



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6. YOTTO/YACHT21, @yotto_living

"Yotto" meaning yacht in Japanese is a conscious initiative by Shining a light on mindful living and sustainability, it promotes awareness on sustainability by working with like-minded artists and conscious brands. YACHT 21 is a fashion brand featuring urban resort wear brand inspired by wanderlust.



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7. KELE @kele_sg

With more than three decades of pastry-making, the premium quality of these baked goods speak for themselves. Offering a plethora of flavours for pineapple tarts and Japanese roll cakes, KELE modernises traditional pastries without losing their identity and appeal to every generation.

Only available at Singapore.




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8. Oasis Skin, @oasisskin 


Far from just another beauty brand, Oasis Skin is a brand with a purpose. With carefully sourced, plant-based ingredients, they offer a range of products like face serums, shampoo shaped like gorgeous French canelés to dishwashing liquid. All their products are eco-friendly bringing more awareness to sustainable living.


Photos courtesy of @oasisskin .

9. Amazin' Graze,

Of course, not forgetting to mention, the 2020 Holiday Collection by Amazin' Graze. This year's Holiday Collection was our most exciting launch of the year! Collaborating with a local artist, MayLii Koo, on the designs, we have created the most magical gift boxes for everyone to enjoy. All three festive variety boxes are a bang for your buck and is a lovely treat for anyone! Known for our healthy snacks, we are ecstatic to have launched into 9 different countries since our humble beginnings in Malaysia back in 2015. We carry on our mission as years pass to create joy and empower people through amazing real food.





Here at Amazin' Graze, we've made it our mission to support South East Asian brands as we collaborate or give these brands and their cause a shoutout. Every company in this Holiday Gift Guide deserves some love and support as they work hard to produce quality products and representing the growing South East Asian market! This is a gentle reminder to shop ethically and responsibly as we move forward. Share the magic with us this year and spread the joy of gifting with your loved ones!

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