With the launch of our highly anticipated 2020 Holiday Collection, we are shining the light on the whimsical designs of our limited-edition packaging and merchandise. Featuring beautifully hand-drawn illustrations by Malaysian artist MayLii Koo, also known as @aliittlelamp_ on Instagram, this years' collection takes us on a journey with Grace and her forest friends in search of the natural ingredients that goes into our limited-edition range! The story is inspired by the idea to celebrate "Unique Friendships in a Winter Wonderland" as we embrace the festive season by cherishing the magical moments and connections with our loved ones after the rough year.


Leading the pack is none other than Grace, a little girl who's on an adventure to gather the fresh ingredients with the help of her forest friends. Always jolly and wanting to share the joy with her town folks, she sets out to look for these ingredients that will set the holiday spirit!

Tammy the Chipmunk is the type that is always on the go! Being the fastest on her feet, she effortlessly collects all the hazelnuts, cashews, almonds and peanuts. Of course, not being able to resist snacking on some as she makes her way back to the others!


Gathering these ingredients is no easy task especially when you are alone. They seek help from Miranda the Giraffe, a loyal friend who easily reaches the top of the tallest branches to get the crunchiest almonds from the almond trees.

Ever cheerful and a hopeless optimist, Peter the Deer is able to stay positive in all scenarios. An attitude we should all have to getting through 2o20. He loves gathering fresh peppermint sprigs, bright cranberry seeds and juicy cherries to brighten up everyone's day.


Theo the Penguin is an adventurous happy-go-lucky pal who loves venturing far into the forest. Whenever he comes across any juicy cranberries and fresh cacao nibs, the first thing on his mind would be to pick them out to share with the others.


Atlas the Polar Bear has the warmest of hearts as he cares for the others with pure sincerity. He makes sure all the ingredients are natural and healthy as he believes we deserve the best for our health. His large size also comes in handy as he gives the warmest hugs to everyone!


Grace and her forest friends work together to bring the town a magical celebration to share the joy and the gift of health. Each generously complementing each other's strength and weaknesses to make it happen. As we do here at Amazin' Graze, each of us work together to bring our best to share delicious AND nutritious snacks to encourage everyone to eat better together!

Share the magic with us this year and spread the joy of gifting with your loved ones!