Smoothies. Basically, a healthier version of milkshakes. Now despite green smoothies having almost an inevitably bad rep, may we admit that some of us (if not all) wouldn't hurt from adding a little more fibre into our diets.

Nonetheless, may we also admit that not everyone prioritises chopping, sauteing or even boiling vegetables on a daily basis due to our busy work schedules. Hence, we may often find ourselves not feeling great about our complexion nor digestion, wanting to improve both but not knowing where to start.

Although not a direct solution, this green smoothie recipe which is actually simpler than you think, might represent a small step in that desired direction. With only 4 ingredients, this glowing green smoothie may kill three birds with one stone.

How, you may ask?

While we all know that bananas and spinach will give you the bowel power first thing in the morning, did you know kiwis stimulate collagen? This means that these green powerballs have the ability to influence how cells age and fight the signs of skin ageing by affecting collagen production- in combination with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and phytonutrients present in kiwis. Yes, that's right, digestion and complexion, checked.

Not forgetting, due to the sweetness of the bananas and tartness of the kiwis, the bitterness connoted with vegetables in general- and spinach, to be specific- is successfully masked. Effectively, this smoothie becomes not only a reasonable on-the-go breakfast or midday snack but a refreshing and sweet one. Taste, checked!


Without further ado, may we present to you the simplest glowing green smoothie:



4 frozen bananas, chopped

A handful of frozen or fresh Spinach

1 kiwi, cubed

A handful of ice cubes

1/4 cup of plant based milk


Coconut Shreds

Low Sugar Wild Strawberry Granola

Cranberry Seeds



1. Add all ingredients in a blender.


2. Blend till smooth.


3. Add toppings!