A breakfast granola tart is essentially what you already have for breakfast every other day in deconstructed form. For the days you want to feel a little fancier, how about flipping things around a bit and make these delightful little tarts? You probably already have all the ingredients sitting in your fridge and pantry so it is easy to whip these babies out without even making a trip to the grocery store.


What I love about these tartlets are how crunchy and versatile they are. As the granola cools, the shells get crunchier so there's no need to worry if they are soft right after coming out of the oven. You can even make a large tart instead of mini tartlets and switch up the toppings to your liking!




Amazin' Graze Hazelnut Blackforest Granola

All Natural Almond Butter 

Honey or Maple Syrup

Greek Yogurt 

Fruits of your choice



1) Melt almond butter with honey in a double boiler until lightly bubble. Mix into the granola and place them in the tart mould to shape. Let it set in the refrigerator for 1 hour. 

2) Top the granola tart shell with greek yogurt and your favourite choice of fruits. 

3) Serve chilled.


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