As part of our New Years campaign, Amazin’ Graze is focusing on taking small steps into creating long lasting healthy habits. To help us out, we interviewed our friends within the health community to gain insight into their daily routines. Our first interviewee is Kydra, a local Singaporean brand committed to providing fashionable and functional activewear. How? They design clothes we can wear straight from the gym to the office! Read more about our Q&A with Jimmy Poh from Kydra below!

Can you introduce yourself and how you founded Kydra?

My name is Jimmy and I am a Co-Founder of Kydra. Kydra was founded on the identification of a lack of innovation within the men’s sportswear industry. We noticed that major brands focused a lot on the female market and did little to improve the quality of life for male athletes. In a society where being active on-the-go is such an essential part of daily life, everyday items such as hand phones, wallets, and keys were not catered for. As such, we took the initiative to find effective solutions to tackle these daily compromises. We designed our initial product, the Kydra Flex Shorts with this in mind. It is our mission to find and eliminate pain points found in daily activities while keeping our product designs minimalistic. Recently, we have started exploring and attempting to innovate the female market

How do you guys keep fit? What workouts do you do?

Our team makes it a point to maintain a healthy lifestyle either before or after working hours through a variety of gym classes or sporting activities. Personally, I engage mainly in tennis as a form of cardio and hit the gym on a regular basis. This is important for us as we believe that an active body keeps our minds sharp for an effective work day.

What’s a typical breakfast for you?

A typical breakfast for me tends to be just a cup of coffee before heading to the gym. Afterwards, I grab a bite of hard boiled eggs and toast at the local coffeeshop.

How do you like to snack?

Typically, I do not snack as much, but I do enjoy a good granola every now and then to keep myself feeling full and energized.

Which is your favourite Amazin’ Graze product and why?

Personally, I love the Banana Bread Granola, being a fan of banana bread, and granola, this was a match made in heaven and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Find out more about the Kydra at or at @kydraofficial on Instagram!