It’s always an exciting moment, opening up a fresh jar of your newly purchased Amazin’ Graze Nut Butter. You pop open the lid and find yourself staring at a pool of oil resting on top. That’s alright, we understand how you might feel!


“What’s up with all this oil on top? I thought this was 100% natural!”. Well, we’re proud to say that that layer of oil is actually a good sign and reinforces our statement. The oil is natural and normal for pure nut butters, because when peanuts or nuts are blended, they release their natural oils. Big brands often add emulsifiers to extend shelf life and stabilise the mixture to prevent the separation. But a natural nut butter’s own oils separates from the butter itself because it does not contain additives as a bonding or emulsifying agent for the ingredients.


Photo by @gracemyu on Instagram


The best part is, the oil is actually really good for you! Let’s get into a little more detail about nutrition, shall we? If you’ve heard of the term “good” fats, that’s exactly the category that nut oils fall under! These are unsaturated fats which are the kind of fats your heart loves (in reasonable amounts, of course).


It is also nutrient rich as they contain tons of antioxidants and other nutrients. Antioxidants fend off free radicals which are normally developed as by-products of our body’s metabolism. These rogue particles can cause chaos in your cells and are known to be a factor in cancer development. Additionally, it is an anti-inflammatory, aids healthy aging, is great for your skin and hair AND it’s packed with omega-3 to repair our damaged cells!


So, the next time you see that layer of oil in your natural nut butters, mix it in instead of pouring it away! If that’s a little tedious or gets too messy, here’s a tip for you. Store it upside down! The oil will rise and when you’re ready, just flip it and spread that gooey goodness.


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