Is sugar the villain in our story?

From teeth cavities to diabetes, consuming too much sugar may adversely affect your body. 

So, is sacrificing sweetness in your life really the only way to maintain an overall healthy life? Well, no, not really. The key is to be aware of the differences between natural sugar and refined sugar. 

The Truth About Sugar

But first, what is sugar anyway..?

Sugar comes in many forms. They are a form of simple carbohydrate naturally present and produced in plants and dairy products. 

The body breaks down carbohydrates and converts them into simple sugars like glucose that fuel your organs, muscles, and brain. 

4 common types of sugar:

  1. Glucose

  2. Sucrose

  3. Fructose 

  4. Lactose 

While naturally occurring, sugar can also be manufactured and added to other foods to enhance them. These are known as refined sugars.

Natural Sugars VS Refined Sugars

 Natural vs Refined Sugar

Natural sugars are found naturally in plants and dairy products. Foods that contain natural sugars are usually paired with extra nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Refined sugars are usually heavily processed. They can also come from a natural source but are processed until only sugar is left. They are also considered empty calories as they don’t contain any nutrients. 

Refined sugars are usually used to sweeten a variety of food and beverages like cereals, sweets, desserts, and sodas. 

For example:

  1. Granulated Sugar (derived from sugar cane)

  2. High Fructose Corn syrup (derived from corn)

How does too much refined sugar affect you?

According to a research review and a few studies, consuming relevant doses of added sugar causes:

  1. Increased risk of heart disease

  2. Diabetes

  3. Weight gain

  4. Fatty liver

With that in mind, here are healthy alternatives that you can use:

Top 8 Natural Sweeteners



2. Monk Fruit

Natural, Unrefined

1. Coconut Sugar

2. Maple Syrup

3. Molasses

4. Honey

5. Date Sugar, Syrup or Paste

6. Erythritol (Zero Calories)

So are you supposed to forgo all the sweetness in your life?

Not at all! Our NEW Low Sugar Wild Strawberry is the perfect treat for any time of the day. Naturally sweetened with erythritol and fused with raspberry and strawberry puree - this granola gives you the sweet without the sugar.

Other delicious options: 

Healthy Snack Options

Bottom Line

Sugar itself is not unhealthy when consumed in moderation. Natural sugars are better for health as compared to refined added sugars.

Make sure to read nutritional fact labels on food packaging carefully, to make sure they are not loaded with added refined sugars.