Let's be honest: We all crave some kind of dessert after a hearty savoury meal. Anything that satisfies our sweet tooth seems irresistible at the time, but more often than not we are left with feelings of guilt at what the extra sugar could be doing to our bodies. But what if you could satisfy your cravings without compromising your sugar levels & health? Find out how in this installment of Eat This, Not That: Sweet Tooth Edition!

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Eat Frozen Fruits, Not Candy

We all love candy - after all, who doesn't love an instant energy boost? But unfortunately, each piece of candy contains unhealthy amounts of sugar and calories. Worse still, candy often contains no other valuable nutrients, making them an empty-calorie food. And, because candy pieces are usually deceptively small, it's really easy to eat more than we mean to!

Instead, try popping some frozen fruit pieces (or even natural, no-sugar-added freeze dried fruits) as an alternative to sugary candy. Try freezing grapes, banana slices, melon chunks, or berries for an easy, sweet treat that is packed with fiber, antioxidants and vitamins

Drink Brewed Tea, Not Bubble Tea


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How often are we tempted by a tall, tantalizing cup of cold, sweet bubble tea? The growing number of chains offering bubble tea is proof of our love for the way this favourite drink quenches our thirst and cravings, especially in this hot climate. However, bubble tea usually contains a high level of sugar and up to 300 calories - and that's without counting the toppings! Add in tapioca pearls, grass jelly, puddings , and more, and you have way too much sugar in a cup.

So instead of bubble tea, why not brew your own tea? With the sheer variety of teas out there - black, green, flower, fruit, spice - you won't run out of choices. Tea is packed with antioxidants, and you can control the amount of sweetener you add (if any). Plus it's hydrating and refreshing, especially over ice when it's hot outside! Miss your toppings? Throw some chia seeds in for extra jelly texture & crunch (and nutrition!)!

Eat Frozen Yogurt, Not Ice Cream


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Forget diamonds - ice-cream is everyone's best friend! Unfortunately, it can also be way too easy to eat - before you know it, you can find yourself scraping the bottom of a newly-opened tub! Off-the-shelf commercial ice-cream is usually high in sugar and contains artificial additives in the form of colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

For a better alternative, why not go for frozen yogurt? Frozen yogurt, or froyo, is made with Greek yogurt, and usually contains much more protein (and much less fat) than regular ice cream. Froyo is usually eaten with toppings, which is the perfect opportunity to add some nutrition in the form of granolas, sliced fruits, chia seeds, nut butters, and more!

Drink Cold Pressed Juice, Not Carbonated Drinks


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We all know by now that sweet, fizzy drinks aren't the best beverage options. They tend to be full of sugar, flavourings/preservatives, and very little else.

Although it's more expensive, cold pressed juice (with no sugar added) is a great alternative to refresh, quench, and nourish. There are plenty of fruit and veggie combos out there that provide more vitamins, minerals, and sometimes fiber, than carbonated drinks.

So if you have a sweet tooth, why not consider making some of these small choices so you can satisfy your cravings and stay healthy? And don't forget to check out our New Year Specials - they won't be around for much longer!