Hello lovelies!

We have compiled 7 fun and nutritious recipes for you to get ready for Ramadan. These recipes are packed with complex carbs, fibre, and protein that will give you sustained energy to keep you full longer. Some are slightly complicated for you home-based master chefs, and some are as easy as 1-2-3 if waking up at dawn preparing Sahur meal gets a little too hectic sometimes. Whether you wanna meal prep them a night before to enjoy decadent fudges or energy bars, or have them ready on the spot without overthinking the processes, we've got you covered.

We've also recently just launched our Ramadan bundles - a selection of 90-seconds oat based meals, granolas, nut butters, with a pack of jumbo Medjool dates from Palestine. You can either use them in the recipes from the e-book, or just mix them up for a really tasty and filling meal.

Helping our community to stay healthy has always been our mission, from day one. We hope you enjoy this e-book, and we welcome more recommendations on social media (just tag @amazingraze.co)! We'd love to see yours too, let's start #eatingbettertogether

Download link below: